Emergency Responsibility


Hazards Responsible Agency
Avalanche Police
Snowstorm Office of Environment & Heritage
Cyclone State Emergency Service
Tornado State Emergency Service
Earthquake Police
Coastal erosion Port Stephens Council / State Emergency Service
Fire—bush Rural Fire Service / Fire & Rescue NSW / Office of Environment & Heritage
Fire—grass Rural Fire Service / Fire & Rescue NSW / Office of Environment & Heritage
Flood State Emergency Service
Fog Police / Road and Traffic Authority / Council / Aviation
Land slip/rock fall/mudflow Police / Office of Environment & Heritage
Infestation—animal Department of Primary Industries
Infestation—insect Department of Primary Industries
Infestation—plant Department of Primary Industries
Severe storm—electrical State Emergency Service
Severe storm—wind State Emergency Service
Severe storm—rain State Emergency Service
Severe storm—hail State Emergency Service
Storm surge State Emergency Service
Tsunami State Emergency Service
Dust storm Police
Civil disorder Police


Hazards Responsible Agency
Aeronautical Police
Space debris re-entry Police
Bridge collapse Road and Traffic Authority / Council
Building collapse Police / Fire & Rescue NSW (USAR)
Dam failure State Emergency Service / Dam Safety Committee / Owner
Hazardous materials Fire & Rescue NSW
Industrial accident Police
Infrastructure failure—power Electricity Providers
Infrastructure failure—water Hunter Water
Infrastructure failure—sewerage Hunter Water
Infrastructure failure—communication NSW Public Works / Telstra / Owners
Infrastructure failure—gas Jemena
Infrastructure failure—road Road and Traffic Authority / Council
Infrastructure failure—rail Australian Rail Track Corporation
Mine accident Police
Radiological hazards Fire & Rescue NSW (HAZMAT)
Pollution—chemical Fire & Rescue NSW (HAZMAT)
Pollution—oil/fuel Fire & Rescue NSW (HAZMAT)
Pollution—hazardous waste Fire & Rescue NSW (HAZMAT)
Land subsidence Fire & Rescue NSW (USAR) / Mines Rescue Service / NSW Public Works
Transport accident—air Police
Transport accident—rail Australian Rail Track Corporation
Transport accident—road Police
Transport accident—sea Maritime Authority / Newcastle Port Corporation
Explosion Fire & Rescue NSW
Fire—residential Fire & Rescue NSW
Fire—industrial Fire & Rescue NSW


Hazards Responsible Agency
Pathogens Hunter New England Area Health Service
Communicable disease—affecting humans Hunter New England Area Health Service
Communicable disease—affecting animals Department of Primary Industries
Communicable disease—affecting plants Department of Primary Industries